Looking at The Old Testament and The New Testament

During our Hermeneutics class, we sorted each chapter into certain genres and sections based on its content. These genres were law, prophecy, history, narrative, poetry, wisdom, gospel, epistle, and apocalypse. We looked at certain sections from both the new and old testament and compared the way they used similar form and language. We went over the major and minor prophets, what is unique about certain gospels, and where to look for matching or inspired texts.

The other part of the day included taking down some art in the gallery, packing it up, then filling in the hole in the walls. I may have dropped one of the small pieces which was used in the forgiveness installation… that was pretty embarrassing. The holes in the pieces of pottery were too small in some sections, and it got caught. Luckily one piece wasn’t a big deal since there were two hundred of them, but it was still mortifying. I have never had an accident with art, but this was pretty tricky with taking down.


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