Cross Cultural Connections

Finishing up this book, there were some homework questions that I needed to answer and respond to. This book was not the most informative out of all of the readings. There were no major revelations, and the questions were ones that I could easily respond to. Some of the chapters were interesting, but the information was not new in most cases. It is interesting to think about different thoughts of reasoning, and I have experienced this with close friends of mine from different countries. My old roommate came from South Korea, and we had some enlightening conversations about even simple topics. Our logic was different, so it was cool to get to know about her perspective, and how she formulated her logic. How to go about this was one of the questions that I have had experience with, so personally this question was not new. I also studied this in my craft of argument class last year. This included critical thinking and formulating arguments. I am also a really open and mindful person, so some of the content of this book was fascinating to me. I might read it again, though most of the content was not new to me. Even so, there are still topics I can go more into depth about.


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