We had one of our last classes today which was on public speaking. Most of this information was already known to me, but there were certain pieces of information that were things I did not think about before. When writing an essay the main point tends to be reinstated in particular points of the essay to establish the points even further. This was brought up in the class, and having these main takeaways brought up. The connection one would establish with the audience on a personal level was brought us as well. The audience will not remember everything, but they are more likely to listen if that connection is established in the beginning. There were twelve rules to keep into mind when communicating. Never make excuses, be yourself, have a good routine, value critiques, go shorter in length and not longer, watch your hand gestures, posture, smile, eye contact, eyebrows are your friends (more body language), check your attitude, and finally nail your opening and ending points. Most of these are common knowledge, but some of these were new to me. The ones I was not aware of included the eyebrows in communicating. It communicates a certain tone, and using various movements can help establish a point. The other ones I was not aware of included watching your attitude, and going shorter rather than longer. Attitudes can rewire the brain and establish certain moods and behaviors, and it also affects relationships. I can be negative when alone, but positive around others. Though this may not show through, it can affect your communication skills and also ruin your expressions and behavioral patterns for communicating to others. Keeping things longer is always considered to be more ambitious, but this can be less successful. Having the audience’s attention span as a priority when talking and expressing certain points is something that I didn’t think about before.


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