Beach trip

This morning I got up early to make a fruit salad to contribute to the picnic we had at the beach. We all left in three separate cars, and set up a tent-platform to create shade as we at lunch. This was just north of Virginia Beach. Unfortunately one of the cars got a flat tire, so we are no able to all go as planned. Some of us went later, hours later which was really unfortunate. So we set up the tent for shade, and served all of the dishes each of us brought. I brought fruit salad which was made of blueberries, and nectarines. We had pasta salad, chips, more fruit, cookies, etc. While swimming we saw three dolphins which were on the horizon. This was so lovely, and it was cool to share such a special moment with everyone. There was a small storm which was kind of at the end, so at the point that we were going to leave anyways. It started out graceful with the way the rain hit the waves, but it then got exponentially worse. We ran for cover and started to pack up at that point. We drove back after changing and showering off. I kind of didn’t get too much sleep last night, so I kind of fell asleep at one point on the car ride back. Before that point, Lizzy and I both were playing our music and critiqued the subject matter and transitions while enjoying listening. I always get nervous about sharing music, but the music I played really was received well. Whenever I am asked to play my music, I am not sure what will appeal to that particular group. This time it went well, and it was great to share my interests with everyone.


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