One of the tasks on my to-do list today included creating an infographic. I have made one before, but it was very simplified and primitive. One of my questions was how to make one that is clean and simple, and another was what should it look like format wise? I ended up doing research online to look at particular models. In order to make sure that my infographic was clear, I double checked with certain staff here to see if my information was accurate. Another task that had me ask questions was about social media. I posted on Instagram and Facebook today under the pages for Gallery Edit. The posts featured work from the curator here, and to make sure that the post was in line with the values of Gallery Edit, professional, and matching in tone, I drafted a few times. I asked what sort of language I should use, and did research on the previous posts to make sure I was following the vibe and message. Of course I have my own social media accounts, but I have never posted on behalf of an organization or a nonprofit. I think I put too much pressure on myself to have the “perfect post”, but I just want to be  extra careful when representing others and making sure that what I post reflects others in a positive light.

Spiritual Gifts

We went over spiritual gifts while going into depth about Corinthians I and the sensational. Questions that were brought up in the discussion included how we discover them, are some of them deceased, and does everybody have access to all these gifts? The answer to the last one was no. Though some may seem to have more of an emphasis on the individual, we should focus on how to contribute to the common good. People also have different gifts, so having a spiritual one does not make one superior. We went over the idea of one thinking that they are inferior or superior, and how both of those are problems to address. For some that are deceased, we may not know when they will go away, but that some are here for a finite amount of time. There was also the notion of expression of these gifts brought up in our discussion, and how some people might be against this. How we discover them is a more broad question, but specifics were a topic we had as examples. Learning about this particular subject was really fascinating, and going into depth about it with others made for a productive discussion. I am interested in what else we will go over, and how it may affect my personal life as well as others around me.

Local Refugee Ministry


So today we worked on a local ministry project.  As this sewing class was taking place we helped to entertain the children with crafts and games. This included drawing with the kids, crafting hearts, as well as modeling clay. The experience was really touching, and being able to help out these mothers while they were in class was rewarding. I look forward to helping out more on this team.


It is extraordinary for me to be able to interact with so many people in the community, and learn more about our city. Today for lunch we all went out to do a little sightseeing and showcase Richmond. I met new members of the team here at Hillside and was able to experience a new store in a different part of town than I am used to. We went to the observation deck to view Richmond during lunch hours. Though I have been here before, I have seen it in a new light. With people, good food, and interesting conversation, this event was a day brightener. Though I have been here in Richmond for two years now, there is still more to explore and learn. The places that are familiar can be seen in a new light, and those experiences in a community make them even more positive. I am grateful to have welcoming people here in this work environment, and I look forward to the new days coming. ❤

First Post

Today I went into the third day of the internship with grace and an open mind. We started with the morning devotions, and there was a real sense of community during this. Immediately after we went over the homework and the classes. I created my blog today, hence this first post. Going into this post I will try and reflect on the events that took place today, as well as community.

So to go over a little bit of background, I am an intern for Gallery Edit, Hillside Missions, and Reach the Nations. The first week generally consists of orientation and providing instructions for interns to give them an intro to what they will be doing. My day consisted of four introductions for various tasks. The first one was the intro to the classes and homework. We then went over creating blogs, and going over the guidelines. This went faster than expected, but the questions that we raised during created more communication and connections. The second introduction was for the Art Team. Meeting the Art Team and going over what that entails was fascinating. Getting to know what the operations are, how that works, and the people in charge was super engaging. Then the final introduction for today was for hospitality. We got an intro to what that would look like, and the responsibilities we would have. Overall today consisted of community teaching us new skills and tasks. The time I spent learning with the other interns has created special moments of bonding and community.