Last Day

20180810_140642This last day has been really bittersweet. I am excited to go on vacation before my semester starts back up, but I will miss everyone. This experience has been so rewarding and has been a fantastic opportunity. I learned so much regarding the gallery’s operations, and also the community that comes with it. Everyone was so welcoming, and getting to know them was a really cool experience. Above is my personalized space next to my desk. These were all things I got this summer. Only the cards were not from the office, but from my mom. I am super grateful for everything, and going to miss this ❤


Second to Last Day

I am going to be so sad that the internship is ending. I have learned so much, and have become friends with so many cool and interesting people. Today has been really low-key. I am done with most of my work, so I just did a few small things but nothing too major. We have a program that we packed and prepared for, which I am excited about. Things are super slow right now, since all of the work is done and most things are already prepared. Tomorrow will be so bittersweet for me. I am excited to go on vacation, but I will also miss everyone. This has been an amazing experience so far, and I am grateful for having this opportunity. .

Art Team

For the art team, we met at our regular location and discussed First Friday. For those who do not know what First Friday is, is the first Friday of the month and all of the galleries in Richmond have live music, food, and showcase are to the public. It is a pretty big deal here, and the art scene is very involved on this particular day all across Richmond. We talked about the turnout, and what that looked like. We had a pretty busy Friday, and we talked about having a curtain for the gallery where that space ends here in the office. We also talked about the Maker’s Series, social media posts for promoting the space, and also the podcast. After this we then had our book club meeting for 15 minutes, and talked about our thoughts afterwards. The chapter was a really interesting read, and reading about the attitude in the art scene, and relating that back to Christianity was really informative.

Beach trip

This morning I got up early to make a fruit salad to contribute to the picnic we had at the beach. We all left in three separate cars, and set up a tent-platform to create shade as we at lunch. This was just north of Virginia Beach. Unfortunately one of the cars got a flat tire, so we are no able to all go as planned. Some of us went later, hours later which was really unfortunate. So we set up the tent for shade, and served all of the dishes each of us brought. I brought fruit salad which was made of blueberries, and nectarines. We had pasta salad, chips, more fruit, cookies, etc. While swimming we saw three dolphins which were on the horizon. This was so lovely, and it was cool to share such a special moment with everyone. There was a small storm which was kind of at the end, so at the point that we were going to leave anyways. It started out graceful with the way the rain hit the waves, but it then got exponentially worse. We ran for cover and started to pack up at that point. We drove back after changing and showering off. I kind of didn’t get too much sleep last night, so I kind of fell asleep at one point on the car ride back. Before that point, Lizzy and I both were playing our music and critiqued the subject matter and transitions while enjoying listening. I always get nervous about sharing music, but the music I played really was received well. Whenever I am asked to play my music, I am not sure what will appeal to that particular group. This time it went well, and it was great to share my interests with everyone.

First Friday



I forgot to post last Friday because it was so busy that day, but here is a picture of the food that we displayed for the art show. We worked on replicating the patterns that were present in the art by Anita Breitenberg. Her art is currently up at the Gallery, and she first presented her work on Friday. She was interviewed about her art, and talked with people that came in to see the show. The food was supposed to match the patterns, so it would go with the general theme of the show itself.


We had one of our last classes today which was on public speaking. Most of this information was already known to me, but there were certain pieces of information that were things I did not think about before. When writing an essay the main point tends to be reinstated in particular points of the essay to establish the points even further. This was brought up in the class, and having these main takeaways brought up. The connection one would establish with the audience on a personal level was brought us as well. The audience will not remember everything, but they are more likely to listen if that connection is established in the beginning. There were twelve rules to keep into mind when communicating. Never make excuses, be yourself, have a good routine, value critiques, go shorter in length and not longer, watch your hand gestures, posture, smile, eye contact, eyebrows are your friends (more body language), check your attitude, and finally nail your opening and ending points. Most of these are common knowledge, but some of these were new to me. The ones I was not aware of included the eyebrows in communicating. It communicates a certain tone, and using various movements can help establish a point. The other ones I was not aware of included watching your attitude, and going shorter rather than longer. Attitudes can rewire the brain and establish certain moods and behaviors, and it also affects relationships. I can be negative when alone, but positive around others. Though this may not show through, it can affect your communication skills and also ruin your expressions and behavioral patterns for communicating to others. Keeping things longer is always considered to be more ambitious, but this can be less successful. Having the audience’s attention span as a priority when talking and expressing certain points is something that I didn’t think about before.

Cross Cultural Connections

Finishing up this book, there were some homework questions that I needed to answer and respond to. This book was not the most informative out of all of the readings. There were no major revelations, and the questions were ones that I could easily respond to. Some of the chapters were interesting, but the information was not new in most cases. It is interesting to think about different thoughts of reasoning, and I have experienced this with close friends of mine from different countries. My old roommate came from South Korea, and we had some enlightening conversations about even simple topics. Our logic was different, so it was cool to get to know about her perspective, and how she formulated her logic. How to go about this was one of the questions that I have had experience with, so personally this question was not new. I also studied this in my craft of argument class last year. This included critical thinking and formulating arguments. I am also a really open and mindful person, so some of the content of this book was fascinating to me. I might read it again, though most of the content was not new to me. Even so, there are still topics I can go more into depth about.