Art Team Meeting

After morning devotions, we went to a nearby cafe for the art team and for the book club. The whole team contributed two ideas for shows next year, with concepts, as well as artists to potentially reach out to. We discussed how First Friday went, as well as the pop-up gallery. I was unfortunately unable to attend the First Friday event due to a family emergency, but I did take two shifts for the pop-up gallery. It was really strange because that Friday there are normally a lot of people in Carytown, but for some reason it was not  very active. I was there to answer questions people had about the art/talk about it. After the meeting going over these things we had the book club, and went into a discussion about belief, and subject matter that pulls in your attention of faith even more. Today also consisted of office cleaning, preparing for the English classes, doing work for the classes this week, and posting to social media for the Gallery.


A New Take

In class today we continued our session on Christianity and Islam. Again we went over different beliefs, and certain misconceptions that Muslims have about the bible.  We went over how in Christianity the categories of subjects that exist include God, angels, and humans. This is different in Islam, and Jinns exist as well. There are those who have superstitions about the Jinn, but that there was this establishment of a “good” type of Jinn. We also went over ethical laws, and that there are certain civil aspects and punishments that tie into that. There are certain distinct differences in practice, belief, and concepts. We also went over the contradictions that take place, and how one can make another valid point to show how two of these beliefs cannot coexist (and make sense). Another thing that we went over included the holy books, the prophets, judgment, Allah, and the four classifications of beings.

More History

We were a few hours behind in class today, so we are planning on making those hours up probably tomorrow. The class we had today was continuing the history of Islam. Things we went over in class were the five pillars of Islam, the differences between the Gospels and the Quran, the varying beliefs, takes on the satanic verses, as well as traditions and practices. There are certain conflicts with the cancellation of certain Surahs, due to which one is correct, and which one came first. Typically the Surah that came last corrects or cancels out the ones that came before. Most people know about the five pillars of Islam, but we went into depth. This included learning about the cultural aspects and customs. We went into the detailed reasons behind traditions and beliefs. Overall this was more in depth and was very informative.

Events Today

Today consisted of morning devotions, class, and video editing. For morning devotions we went over 2nd Corinthians. Before we went over morning devotions, I met Ryan for the first time. We then had class with him, and went over the history of Islam and going specifically into Muhammad and the Quran. We went over specific dates, reasons behind certain beliefs, as well as the history of it. I have had many classes that have gone into Islam, but they never fully went into depth and specifics. After class was over I ended up editing two videos on Premiere and then making them into a single video. Luckily exporting did not take too long. I am so used to rendering and exporting videos and having it take forever. This was a nice amount of time.



For the bread making homework, I decided to bake some confetti muffins. Tonight I am planning on sharing these homemade baked goods with some friends. Sharing a meal or food with people you love is always a warm moment in life.

-Photo Friday

Looking at The Old Testament and The New Testament

During our Hermeneutics class, we sorted each chapter into certain genres and sections based on its content. These genres were law, prophecy, history, narrative, poetry, wisdom, gospel, epistle, and apocalypse. We looked at certain sections from both the new and old testament and compared the way they used similar form and language. We went over the major and minor prophets, what is unique about certain gospels, and where to look for matching or inspired texts.

The other part of the day included taking down some art in the gallery, packing it up, then filling in the hole in the walls. I may have dropped one of the small pieces which was used in the forgiveness installation… that was pretty embarrassing. The holes in the pieces of pottery were too small in some sections, and it got caught. Luckily one piece wasn’t a big deal since there were two hundred of them, but it was still mortifying. I have never had an accident with art, but this was pretty tricky with taking down.

Class Today

For class today we went over certain sections of pathways and virtues in our lives. I made a chart which mapped this together in different areas. By doing this, I was then able to see what I need to work on, and also gather how to have higher expectations of these values. We had another introduction into Hermeneutics, and the eight different rules of biblical interpretation. We discussed and went over each of these, and how they tie into one another. After this we went to a restaurant in Richmond that I have seen but never tried before. It was this lovely Cuban restaurant. We all talked about ourselves, the bible, Christianity, and art. After lunch we discussed more of the scripture as examples. This class was incredibly interesting, and I loved the content of it.