We were given a few prayer cards to pray for some people while they travel. We are supposed to pray for two people each day, for a safe trip. So the rest of today is going to consist of finishing my ring, finishing up work for hospitality, and office cleaning.  The office cleaning section will take place later this afternoon, as well as the ring making. Lizzy and I were just finishing up making the guest apartment clean and presentable. We made the bed for the guest, and organized some donated dining sets. We split up the plates, mugs, and bowls based off of what each apartment had already. I think the art team will need help with preparing for First Friday, so I am going to see what I can do since I am on the art team. Today was initially going to be our office beach day, but the weather is pretty bad today. We moved this event to next week so the weather is better and also so more people can come. I am preparing fruit salad for the trip, and possibly bringing brownies or something else. I am not really sure what else I will work on today, possibly the homework for Sunday since I finished up all of my work for this week.


Ring Making

Friday was the day that I started working on making a ring. I used Stirling silver as the material, and started with cutting and taking away the material. There were various processes which were used to polish, and clean up the surface. The filing was the hardest part. I have had experience with making jewelry before, but I have never used silver. I was able to get a good start on the ring. I am ready for the next part, which will include carving the ring into the shape I desire. I am thinking of having a ring that is more thin, and delicate. The top will be flat, but I am thinking for the round part of having a certain look of being stamped or engraved with designs. I am not sure when I will finish it, but I think it will be sometime this week or maybe next week.

Hindu Center of Virginia

For the internship, we are going into depth about world religions. This morning, we did not go to morning devotions/ the staff meeting, but rather the Hindu Center of Virginia. We were given a tour, and information about Hinduism, as well as worship that happens there. Some of the information was really interesting. I was not aware of the specific reason as to why they pray to these statues. There is life considered to be in these, and honoring them includes decorating them, bringing offerings and food, and having prayer and rituals. The details of the service was a revelation to me. The priest that gave us a tour, and answered our questions talked about the significance of various symbols, and representation of Gods in form and without form. The statues are believed to be the form that the Gods take. The polytheistic practice tends to be the same God, but the God then requests for prayer to this particular form. For this reason, there are many Gods, and Hinduism is then considered to be polytheistic. The priest mentioned that the concept of the Gods is more like one God that takes the form of many Gods. This is so different from what I learned in schools. Maybe the information, coming from a very euro-centric school was inaccurate, or maybe the information that he gave was specific to his branch of Hinduism. This information has changed my understanding of Hinduism, and what I thought was accurate information.

Photo Friday



Nick Cave is an amazing artist that has been talked about a lot in art school. He takes these found objects, and works on creating this new humanoid person of the ready-made. This is one of his more famous pieces. This piece is called “Soundscape”, and has these objects on the mannequin that are from thrift stores. The objects are childhood objects that make certain sounds. This piece is not in an action form, but rather a finished or still form. I really admire his work, so this was a special moment for me.

The Chrysler Museum of Art

Yesterday some of us in the office went to The Chrysler Museum of Art. We went to see the art collection, and enjoy art together that is here in Virginia. The glass collection was absolutely stunning. I saw a Frank Lloyd Wright stained glass window. This was part of the glass collection. They had glass form all over the world, and the way it was curated was really interesting and unique. There were contemporary, modern, and traditional glass sculptures. The museum also had some amazing video installation pieces. After looking around, we went to lunch at a bistro. The restaurant only served grilled cheese dishes, and I got a blueberry and Brie grilled cheese with walnuts. The bread was marbled with the pigments from the blueberries and walnuts.

Today I am sick, so I am just working on some homework here at home. I wish I were in the office, so I could help out with everything. I am really hoping to be completely better tomorrow. The most I can do from here is just keep working, and maybe get ahead of schedule so I can optimize the amount of work I do when I go back.

Final Critique This Morning

It was fantastic to show off our work to everyone this morning. Lizzy and I both had an essay, two environmental portraits, five pictures of the subject from the video with captions, and a video to share. The video had to be three minutes long, and we had just the weekend to work on it. As mentioned in my previous post, it was about the gaming community here in Richmond, and how friends can bond over practicing together. We had to tell a story, and this was our story. All of these key components, other than the two environmental portraits were supposed to work together in order to create this narrative. All of these different modes of communication came together to have a harmonious relationship among each mode. We are so grateful for this class, and had so much fun with it. It was great to share our work with the office, and to give them some insight into this local community based here in Richmond.


Today we showed our video with the statement and the captions for the pictures. The subject matter for the story we were trying to portray was of the gaming scene in Richmond. There is this very interesting and dynamic community based here in Richmond of competitive gamers. They play Super Smash Bros. Melee, and I am apart of that competitive scene. There is this stigma with putting so much time and effort into video games, and we wanted to show the narrative that is there, especially being from a local scene. We had our in-progress critique today on all of our work, and we edited and filmed the video. Our video is three minutes long, and we put so much work into filming and editing it this weekend as well as today. Bill helped us with the sequence of our story gallery (pictures), and how certain ones may be stronger than others. We picked and discussed a few other ones from our selection that better depict a story, show more information, and have a better composition. Tomorrow we have our final critique, and we will then show our finished product.